How to Use an Organic SEO Strategy to Build Your Business

How to Use an Organic SEO Strategy to Build Your Business

When it is the question of website optimisation, the most important question that can intrigue a website owner is whether he or she can rank number one on the search engines. When people ask me about this, I try to explain organic SEO strategy to them, and that this goal of becoming number one is not something which can be achieved in a day or two, that it is a long process and requires a lot of time and effort.

However I feel like I always lose them somewhere on the way to my explanations, especially in the part which talks about long tail keywords, inbound links, meta tags, etc. and we miss the most important thing about SEO, exactly the organic SEO strategy.

What is organic SEO strategy?

You have to think like your target audience if you want to work for SEO. You have to reflect on what information they might require and provide them with the same in a friendly, simple, and accurate manner.

Let us take an example to illustrate this point.

Suppose you have an important business meeting coming up in a couple of hours and you have prepared a presentation with the name “Sales_offering” for that purpose. However you somehow lose the presentation or forget where you stored it on your office laptop. Now the problem is that you don’t have time to create a new presentation and also don’t want to lose your client. What would you do in such a scenario?

Consider that your laptop is the Internet and the presentation is what the user is looking for in the search engines. If you want to search the presentation, you have the following options:

Presentation: You might just type this in the search field on the laptop, however this is a very generic search and will not yield the desired result. It will show you all the files with the name presentation.
PPT extension: If you search for all files with PPT extension, you might end up with loads of ppt files however searching your exact file would still be an issue.

Sales Presentation: This will also not yield the desired result if it is not the exact name of the presentation file.

“Sales_offering”: Once you type the exact name of the file, you will get the desired result.

The moral of the above example is that the more detailed and exact the keyword/ phrase is the more chances that it would rank number one among search engines. However, always keep in mind to keep the length of the phrase short for maximum traffic. You can use the Semrush tool to find the best keywords for your campaign also you can monitor the performance of your keywords in SERPs.

What is the purpose of using complex keywords?

It is important because you will be confident that you are targeting the right audience.

It also shows that your keyword was the best option for your niche segment as your result is number one. You will definitely secure many visitors if you follow this process.

But I can also use the PPC campaign to get the same traffic…

Yes, there is no doubt about that! You can definitely use PPC and in fact should start using it. However the fact is that when visitors come to your site through search engines, they find your website more credible as compared to when they come to your site through an ad. It is just a matter of trust and psychologically speaking they value your site more when they reach it through search engine because it means that you have reached there because of your superior content.

Does having more content increase my chances with SEO?

Yes, definitely, however make sure to produce quality content, and use different content types for different purposes. I think web marketing is similar to real estate business. The more content pages (read real estate) you have, the more likely you will be indexed by the search engines.

In fact, the more keywords or phrases your site comes up with in the searches, the more traffic you will receive. If you use a good traffic monitoring program, then you will come to know which pages are optimised and are pulling traffic and which are not. Then, you have to work towards tweaking them a bit.

Maybe the title is boring so it has to be replaced. Or the content is not holding the reader’s attention and needs to be rephrased. Remember, the search engines also notice these small things and you will ultimately achieve your SEO goal.

Use this organic SEO strategy and go create success!

We all must know that the goal of the search engine companies is to deliver fantastic search results for users, and not so much about yours or anyone else ranking. What works with organic SEO strategy today, may not work exactly the same way tomorrow.

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