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Ongoing hacking attack against Australia

Australia the Target of Massive Ongoing Cyber Attack

In a press conference earlier today, Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has stated that multiple government agencies in federal, state and territories, as well as educational institutions and large Australian businesses are being targeted by ongoing sophisticated cyber attacks, which evidently are “state-based”. Prime Minister Morrison added that the hacking attempts were very widespread, and …

Dual occupancy home

What Are The Benefits Of a Dual Occupancy Home?

Dual occupancy homes, described as two layered homes on a solitary square, are high-density living arrangements that can be an alluring choice for proprietor occupiers, investors and a wide rental segment. The benefits of a dual occupancy are complex. They regularly permit investors an advanced return on investment(ROI) from two pay streams without the extra …

strata laws you should be aware of

Strata Laws That a Building Owner Must Be Aware Of

Strata law is to do with a strata complex and handling of all the legal matters like common disputes and issues like noisy neighbours, property damages, establishing who is responsible for the repair work. Strata buildings can be apartments, office buildings, warehouses as well as multi-purpose buildings. This type of lawyers is often referred to …