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Are you interested in submitting a guest post? We are always keen on hearing from talented writers who can provide an interesting perspective on business and entrepreneurship.

Our topic categories are

  • Business – advice for business owners and entrepreneurs on business related topics
  • Career – advice on growing your career and working in various white collar industries
  • Leadership – advice on being a great manager, managing teams, etc
  • Marketing – how to use the latest marketing tools and manage campaigns, etc
  • Technology – business technology news, how to use software, etc

Please do not submit articles that do not fit the above categories. Ideally, take a look at some of our recent articles to get a sense of style, length and subject matter.

Guest post requirements

  • A minimum of 750+ words
  • Australian English
  • At least one internal link to a previously published article on Linksforce
  • Well written with great grammar
  • Frequent sub headings
  • Exclusive for Linksforce only (not published elsewhere)
  • No links to content such as adult, affiliate, CBD, drug, gambling or similar content.
  • We don’t accept guest posts that are thinly disguised SEO or self promotional
  • Absolutely no plagiarism

Please see our example post style for document style suggestions.

In exchange we will

Whilst we cannot pay for articles, we do offer;

  • Exposure to thousands of website visitors
  • A 30 word bio at bottom of article, which includes a dofollow link to your business or social media account.
  • Allow one dofollow link within the article content to your business or affiliated customer.
  • Promotion of your article across all of our social media accounts.
  • Hosting of your article for as long as we are publishing.

How to submit

You are welcome to either submit a few topic suggestions, or if you feel confident enough, you can submit a completed, and proof read draft. We ask that you first search our site, to ensure that topic has not been written about previously, and if it has, that you write from a different perspective.

We prefer to receive drafts either in Word or Google Doc format. Once received, within a few days, we will run our standard plagiarism and spelling checks, before letting you know if we will publish the article.

Email your article draft as Google Doc or Word, to the following email, with “linksforce.com.au” in the subject line:


Publishing agreement

By submitting an article, you agree that;

  • You will not be financially compensated.
  • We have the right to edit or remove at any time.
  • We have the right to add or modify links at any time.
  • You will promote the article URL across your own social media.
  • You will not post the same article on any other site, including your own.
  • This agreement may change at any time.