How We Developed High Performing eLearning Videos That Helped Us Get Millions of App Downloads

How We Developed High Performing eLearning Videos That Helped Us Get Millions of App Downloads

Are you thinking about launching a new app and wondering how to maximise your downloads? Well, we’re here to help by showing you how we got over 4 MILLION downloads when we launched our DMV Practice Test app by using eLearning videos.

If you’re thinking that could never happen for you, you’re luckily mistaken. All it takes is following six easy steps which we’re detailing for you below.

Give Them a Reason to Watch

When it comes to watching any kind of eLearning video, a viewer has to know that they’ll benefit from watching the video versus just skimming an article. Make sure that your video is equally informative so a user doesn’t have to do further research after investing the time in watching your video.

Use videos with captivating imagery and stock videos that will keep their attention and give them an enjoyable learning experience. Speaking of getting their attention let’s cover how to do that next.

Grab Their Attention Off the Bat

As soon as your video starts, you need to give your watcher a reason to stick around. Start it off by telling them what they can expect by the end of the video. Another proven tactic is to offer a tease of something to come that they’ll only know about if they watch the whole video. For example, “Be sure to pay attention to #4 on our list or you’ll fail your driver’s test every time!”

Another sure-fire way to get their attention is by creating a sense of urgency. Make them believe they have to watch your video NOW or they’ll never get the chance again. During the video, keep pushing the urgency of downloading your app ASAP to take advantage of all it has to offer before it’s too late.

For example, we make sure to mention that we have state-specific practice tests available for each state, such as this one in Pennsylvania.

Use Photos to Illustrate Points

One of the major benefits of using eLearning videos is being able to implement illustrative visuals that help sell your points. Any photos or clips that you use should be relevant to what you’re talking about and easy to quickly scan and gather information. Well-placed images can grab a viewer’s attention and convey your message without saying a word.

Imagery can be still or moving and we recommend using a combination of both to keep things interesting. However, be sure that your video doesn’t get too busy or distracting or people may close the video to save their eyes.

Watching an elearning video

Watching elearning videos

Be Straightforward

If you’re used to writing blogs, you may be a little on the long-winded side of things. There’s no place for that when it comes to eLearning videos. Your lesson should be succinct and informative with little to no fluff.

Your customer wants to get the needed information and then hop off and put it into action. They don’t want to listen to fillers and random information. Cut anything that’s not necessary and dive right into the real content.

Have Both Text and Audio

Using both text and audio in your videos is recommended so you’re reaching all consumers no matter how they learn or watch. If someone is watching your video and can’t have the sound on for whatever reason, they should still be able to get all of the relevant information by reading text on the screen.

However, having music or other audio in your video also helps keep their attention so do use it for when the volume is turned up.

If you do use audio, be sure the viewer has the option to mute it in case they need to be quiet at work but still want to sneak in a video.

Keep it Short

As most people know, attention spans get shorter with every generation and they’re literally shorter than that of a goldfish these days. This means your videos should also be short! Aim for six minutes or less otherwise you can count on most people closing it before you make your closing statements.

Again, consumers want to watch a quick video, garnish the major information needed, then close the box and put what they learned into action as quickly as possible. Don’t keep them captive for too long.

Wrapping it Up

These are the exact steps that we took when we used eLearning videos to drive people to our app and it led to over 4 million downloads! Our app is a simple concept designed around helping student drivers pass their tests.

By creating videos geared to young drivers and their parents, we were able to boost our engagement astronomically. And you can, too. Create short and informative videos that will promote your app and encourage viewers to download it before they miss out on all it has to offer.

About the Author

Tim Waldenback is the co-founder of Zutobi Drivers Ed, a gamified e-learning platform focused on online driver education to help teens get their license. Tim founded Zutobi to make world-class driver’s education fun, affordable, and easily accessible for all.