Building Backlinks to Your Website: The Ultimate Guide

Building backlinks to your website

Backlinks are used to link one website to another. These were originally used to navigate the World Wide Web prior to Google days. Nowadays, backlinks are considered votes for every site. For example, if the link of a specific website doesn’t get high rank in the different search engines unless; if there are high quality links behind it. If your website has this, Google will give you too much attention leading your website to be placed in higher rank in the search engine results.

Importance of building backlinks to your website

Building backlinks to your website is one of the efficient aspects of Search Engine Optimisation. However, knowing how to build backlinks can be complicated. However, there are different strategies and techniques which can help to do this. Most of these strategies include guest posting, article marketing, social media promotion and content marketing strategies which are typically used by several outsourced teams.

Backlinks is a crucial strategy to achieve success in search engine optimisation. However; the question is how to get them. Knowing how to build backlinks can be easier for you while with on-page content optimisation because anything to be done and decisions to be made depends on you. It sounds like you have to rely on others’ work to achieve success for your site. Well, it’s true! In fact, your website is linked to other websites. However there are still several aspects that can be done aside from it.

What is a backlink

Explanation of a website backlink (Source)

Tips on building backlinks to your website

The idea behind including how to build backlinks as part of the page rank formula is that, if the content page of your website is good. If people like it, they will start linking to it causing you to achieve more backlinks. However in the search engine optimisation world, the practice doesn’t go like this. Don’t always rely on the fact that your website can get several backlinks, if people loved your page.

Yes, that might be helpful especially if you can get a lot of quality backlinks coming from the website which has the same topic as yours. However; this method is not enough for success in promoting your site. So; you need to search for other ways to get quality backlinks.

There are some ways on how to build backlinks. These methods include commenting forums or building profile links in forums. This can be a possible way in achieving the rate that you need for your site. Another is to get as many contextual links as possible. This can be seen in the middle of an article surrounded by content texts. There are some directories that allow you to do this if you know the URL of the article page. Using any software products such as scrapebox, you can then put many backlinks to it. In this way, all your links will not go directly to your target page however through contextual link pages.

However, it is more important that these links are found by Google. So; you need to know if Google has found your links or not. One way of finding out if Google already found your link is to search your page into it. For example, if you submit an article in such a website, they will provide the URL once it becomes published. Copy and paste the URL in the Google search and see if the page is already shown. If not, then your link has not been found and this cannot help to achieve your rankings.

Practices to avoid when building backlinks to your website

In learning how to build backlinks, there are some practices that need to be avoided. One of these is link exchange, which involves bartering of links. The principle looks like this: to put links to a website and other’s put backlinks to yours. Doing this scenario needs a lot of things to be considered. Outbound links together with your inbound links might be risky. Your website could even be banned from search engines. So; avoid this kind of habit.

Linking to suspicious places is something that must be avoided when building backlinks to your website. However there is no punishment for you. The worst thing is if someone tries to do anything that can ruin your site. Your SEO efforts might get affected. All your efforts may become useless. So; avoid that one. There are still several things that should be avoided in building backlinks. Search online for the best tips on how to build backlinks.

The emergence of social media has made several changes in the SEO industry and online marketing in general. Now you can not find a business that would not have its account on Twitter, connected to its own site.

After reading all these interesting ideas and applications from search engines I decided to do my own research, using both my Twitter account and a website on the promotion on which I worked.

Best strategy for building backlinks to your website

Building backlinks to your website is a search engine optimisation strategy in which you will place the URL of your website on other websites. This enables your website to be known by online users. When these online users click your URL, and redirect at your website, they will be called visitors.

When you have a lot of visitors, there is a great probability that you will improve your rank on search engines, especially in Google. Being one of the top search results brings a lot of benefits; you will promote your business, and several websites will advertise on your website, which will be a good source of profit.

Determine the Best Backlinking Strategy Suitable for your Site

Blog commenting: this is a strategy in which you will be posting comments along with the URL of your website on blog sites. You must keep in mind that the comments that you will be posting should be relevant and helpful.

Submission to article directories and document sharing websites: with this strategy, you will either write an article or hire an expert writer to write an article about what you are promoting. The content of the article must be high in quality, which includes correct grammar. Prominent article directories do not immediately approve articles. It will take a few days before they notify you that it has been rejected or approved. Therefore, you need to ensure that your article will be worth the wait.

Meanwhile, document sharing websites differ from article directories in a sense that the articles will be uploaded with a pdf file format. After you upload it, you must include the URL of your website in the description of the file.

Link exchange: this strategy requires the coordination of two websites with relevant niche. With search engine optimisation, relevance is important when building backlinks. Regardless of how many backlinks you made, search engines will rank you in accordance to the relevance of your website with other websites.

For instance, links between a website about food and a health news website have more value than links between a health news website and fashion website. Therefore, have a link exchange strategy with websites that belong to the same niche with you.

The truth about building backlinks to your website

Generally, the best backlink building strategy is more than having your URL placed on several other websites. Search engines have a specific criteria; relevance, authority, and timeliness. An inbound link from a website that has established its name with good traffic as well as contains relevant content has greater value than a link from an irrelevant website with less traffic. Timeliness is also necessary, since there are URLs that will lose their value as time passes by.

As you observe, many websites manage their top rank despite the differences of the backlink building strategies they use. So, by trying the strategies above, you can determine the best backlink building strategy for your website.

Webmasters that own very successful websites know how to be building backlinks to your website. It is a basic necessity for a website to become successful. That is the reason why there are a lot of people that are planning to create a site, and are now learning all about it. As a person that owns a website, it is important that you have the basic knowledge and skills about backlink building and what it can do to push your website to a higher rank.

Backlink building is done by creating links that will lead to your website. By putting a link in a certain website means that they are trying to let the readers of a certain website know about an interesting page that they have found. This means that the more links that are available in a certain website the more popular and reputable they are. Not only that, they will also become known in search engine sites, like Google.

However, a website should not just make random links in their website in order to become known in search engine sites; it must also be quality made. The number and the quality of backlinks are the basis of the PageRank algorithm that is used by Google.

Writing guest posts on other blogs

One of the basic things that you need to know about what is backlink building is where to put it. There are a lot of places to put backlinks, but one of the most effective methods is to write high quality content for other blogs, and insert a link or two to your own website in the content.

There are people that would want to know more about the content that they have read that they will visit the link that is used in your guest post. You can also consider participating in discussions of blogs and forums where you can also promote your website. This website has a list of blogs that accept guest posts, which you can use to find the right places to pitch an article to.

What is link quality

To people that know what a backlink is, knowing the link quality of their website is a very crucial thing. The concept of link quality is very simple. The higher the link quality of a certain website is, the more the link is worth; meaning there’s a lot of people that visit this site. Because of this, it’s important that you should spend more time in finding links that have a high link quality. Since, this kind of website is the best place to add backlinks and to promote your site.

Those are the things that you need to know about building backlinks to your website. You must know that there are many, other, different strategies that you should try out. There are some strategies that only use blogs and forums, while there are others that use guest blogging for their marketing only. It is best that you should try out all of the strategies that you will discover, and stick with the strategy that suits you best. Also, by knowing what is backlink building, people will gain the audience that they want to have for their website.

To obtain high quality backlinks can be important when you are trying to gain traffic for your website. Basically, backlinks are considered to be a great way for a person to promote his or her website. Backlinks, which is also known as inbound links, can be very important for SEO since search engines, like Google, consider websites that have a high number of quality backlinks to be more valuable than others; this is why they’re in the top of rank in search engine sites.

Obtaining high quality backlinks

The most important thing that you should consider about high quality backlinks is how you will be obtaining it. It is really important that you should not limit yourself in obtaining only one backlink. It is best that you will have as many backlinks as possible. Do not limit the backlinks of your homepage alone.

Since, even if your homepage will get a high rank, the subpages in your website won’t get the same rank. This causes imbalance to your website itself, and there will be fewer audiences viewing the other pages of your site.

Building backlinks to your website through writing

This is one of the well-known ways for you to be building backlinks to your website. Writing and submitting the articles that you have done to websites can really give you a large amount of backlinks. The concept of obtaining backlinks through this process is very simple.

If the article or content that you have sent in the article website is good, the article website will be linking back to you. Aside from that, people that are interested in your article will choose to use it on their site; thus giving you more backlinks. It is suggested that you should post a few articles every week. Since, it will increase your chances in getting more backlinks and improve your SEO ranking at the same time.

Writing website content

Writing website content

Website directory submission

Web directories can be a very useful place to promote a business online and get high quality page rank backlinks at the same time. There are basically hundreds of free and paid web directories that you can choose from. If you want high quality page rank backlinks, you should submit your website or blog to web directories that have a high page rank.

High quality backlinks

Those are the things to know and consider when you are aiming to have high quality backlinks. Remember, by applying these tips in getting backlinks, you will get the audience that your website needs to become successful. This means, if you are selling a product online, you will gain potential customers. Through high quality backlinks you will surely bring up your website to success and earn a lot more.

How to get backlinks is one of the questions that keep on bugging the mind of online entrepreneurs. It is always their desire to attain backlinks without the need of spending any amount of money. Well, there are many ways on how to get backlinks; you just need to do a lot of research and inquiries to have the answer for your website needs.

Of course, people will not find the way to go to your site, however you need to let them see that your website exists and what it is all about; that is why you need backlinks.

Backlinks are among the most important things a website must get to be able to be visited by a lot of online users; thus, increase its chance to rank on top search results on search engines. When this happens, online users will be able to see your products and services; thus, improve the probability to increase your sales. If you have also established the name of your site, many websites will pay you to advertise their website.

How to get free backlinks through link exchange

Among the several ways on how to get free backlinks is through linking your websites that are related to your niche. Through that way, the visitors of the website that you are linked to will see your URL; thus, allow them to click it to see all the products that they probably want. However, you may also need to include in your web page the URL of the other website, if in case; there is an agreement like that.

How to get free backlinks through social networking sites

Social networking websites are also a perfect venue on how to get free backlinks. You may create a page for your website and post things that are about your business as well as include. You may also visit blog websites that are the same with your niche. With this, you may post comments that are helpful. You must ensure that you will only post comments that are relevant to avoid spamming.

There are several ways on how to get free backlinks. You just need to make sure that you will follow the guidelines to attain what you wish for your website. You may search for more strategies on how to get free backlinks to your site.

There are several people who keep on asking the question on how to get quality backlinks. Well, if it is about building backlinks, there are several ways to do it. However, if it is about quality backlinks, there are things that you must remember to be able to attain only quality backlinks.

Effective ways on how to get quality backlinks

Article marketing: this is a marketing strategy that is considered to be truly effective on attaining quality backlinks. It is truly important that you will use your anchor text in the most efficient way to be able to promote your website through this strategy. You also need to ensure that you will submit your articles on prominent article directories. Prominent article directories are more popular than other article directories on search engines.

Press Release: it is a very effective way to get quality backlinks, only if used properly. If it is used in the right manner, there will surely be a lot of backlinks from the press release websites since they provide content to websites that are smaller. With this, they will easily be picked up by news websites; thus, gives a chance to provide exposure and backlinks that are high in quality.

If you wish to gain the best benefits from your press releases, then you need to ensure that you have a title that is captivating enough for readers. Since there are some individuals who would copy your content without the thought of giving credit to its original author, you need to include the link of your website on the article body.

Document sharing websites: submission of your articles and eBooks to document sharing websites is one of the greatest ways on how to get quality backlinks. With this strategy, you need to compile your blog posts as a pdf file and have it uploaded to file sharing websites; thus leaving backlinks to your website.

Blog commenting: this is also an effective way to create quality backlinks. You just need to ensure that you will be posting comments that are helpful and well-said along with the URL of your website. Through this, you will be able to avoid the blog website to disregard your comment and consider your comment as spam due to improper commenting.

How to get quality backlinks

Although there are numerous ways on how to get quality backlinks, you need to make use of it in the most effective way to attain what you wish for your website. You may do a thorough research or ask experts to know the do’s and don’ts with building backlinks. Learning on how to get quality backlinks will help your website be among the top visited websites in the niche that you belong to.

SEO works its magic by allowing consumers to identify authorities on the web and also they are a powerful tool in raising the traffic in one’s website, through the help with search engine optimisation it has also made a tremendous impact on both entrepreneur and the consumer in meeting expectations in cyberspace.

Know the advantage of communication

SEO knows that all strong and competitive businesses devote a great deal of time and energy in communicating their products to their consumers. A good website should contain suitable keywords that your target consumer might use or particularly use.

Improving business through customer evaluation

Search engine optimisation also encourages customers to provide an honest evaluation of the service they get from the company. With this, you can understand your client needs and can easily address their concern thus allowing you to better improve your service and overall raise your earnings.

Negative reviews can also be beneficial since it can give some exposure to your business, it all just depends on how an entrepreneur can turn a bad situation to his advantage.

SEO makes a business successful

SEO‘s primary goal is to make a business a success, to do that they use effective marketing strategies to make an online brand presence. Here search engines enter the scene, they function in a way to provide an indirect advertising platform to further promote the products of a website.

Of course, it requires a good selected keyword that works its way to command more traffic to your website thus increasing your online sales. Also, the increase of traffic on your website is a reflection of the effectiveness of your search engine optimisation service partner or the company you hire to advance your website.

Helps your HR Department

SEO indirectly assists entrepreneurs in getting potential employees, not to mention highly skilled staff. When a website is well-known and already has established a prominent reputation, it will attract different kinds of competent people who want to work in your business therefore with their ability it will guarantee to further progress your business.

Reduce expenses on marketing campaign

SEO replaces the traditional and expensive method of marketing; since all campaigns are done online it will lessen the cost compared to TV advertisements or newsprint. It assists in shaping your brand’s credibility through ranking high in search engines; people will immediately navigate your web pages since a high rank in search engines directly informs the consumer as trustworthy.

The internet has changed our perception in looking for products , today we just simply browse and click on web pages. Also, since we want to be assured of the products we buy, we consumers rely on product reviews to ensure that we purchase a quality product. Since most businesses at the moment are relying on their website to generate leads and sales conversions, you know the importance of building backlinks to your website. Companies seek the help of search engine optimisation to ensure the success of their business.

High quality link building can be a difficult thing to do; especially if you’re just a neophyte in managing a website. However, it can help if you have knowledge in doing so since, it will give you the opportunity to make your website more famous on search engine websites like Google. There are some things that you should consider when you are planning to do high quality link building; here are some of those things.

Backlink building to websites

Backlink building to websites

High Quality link Building using Content creation

One thing that you should consider when doing high quality link building is creating content. This is the best way to insert backlinks. Basically, all you need to do is to create content that’s relevant to the niche of your site. Relevance of the content to the niche plays an important role in quality link building. After you have created the article, you should send it to a different article submission site. This can be a great way to get some high quality backlinks in just a short amount of time.

Also, it is best that you focus on writing using keywords, however you should make sure that they all are not exactly the same. Vary the content that you are planning when building backlinks to your website. However, you should stay close to the niche of your website. Consider looking at the subtopics of the main idea of your website as an idea in creating content.

High Quality link Building Sending to Article Directories

When you are doing high quality link building, you should not limit yourself in sending your links in article submission sites. Even though creating content and sending it to article submission websites is the best way for a person to send backlinks, there are a lot of other ways for you to send links.

When building backlinks to your website, you can put it on blogs, web directories, forums and, articles and websites of other people. So basically, you should send all of the backlinks that you are going to create to as many places as possible.

High Quality Link Building Help link to home page

This can be the usual mistake by many website owners when building backlinks to your website. Even though they’re good at high quality link building, all of those links just go directly to the home page. Because of this, most pages that are found in your website are not properly shown.

Basically, even though the home page of your website is properly ranked, the other pages of your website are not. This makes an imbalance to the website itself. The best thing that you should do about this is to link your internal pages, as well. You can link half of the backlinks to your homepage, while the other half goes to your internal pages.

Those are the things that you need to consider when you are going to do high quality link building. If you have difficulties in doing all of this, there are companies that offer assistance in doing high quality link building. They can give you great advice on how to create high quality backlinks and, if you want, create it for you.

To be able to have the knowledge on how to build backlinks is the dream of online entrepreneurs. Building backlinks to your website is a very important tool in order to improve the popularity of their website as well as its rank on search engines. Backlinks give websites the chance to be visible by online users through using its URL.

Different methods on building backlinks to your website

Directory Submission: It will be a great help if you submit the links of your website to online directories, especially those that are prominent. When there are a lot of directories that contain your website, there is a great probability that it will become more visible to online users than ever.

There are numerous directories that you can find online. There are free and paid ones. If prominent directories get to approve the submission of the link of your site, it will bring a great impact to your site.

Build website backlinks

Build website backlinks

Building backlinks to your website through blogs

Blog Posting: This is a popular way to create backlinks to your website. You may create a blog then include the link of your website as to help on improving the traffic of your site. Your blog content must not only be relevant, however should also be unique. With this, you will be able to persuade your readers to read further through visiting your website.

Blog Commenting: Posting of comments to other blogs is another way that you can create backlinks. However, you need to be very cautious when doing this because if you don’t, search engines will determine it as spam rather than a backlink. It will be best if you look for the blogs that are relevant to your niche as well as post comments that are informative along with the URL of your website.

How to build backlinks through: Social Bookmarking

This is probably one of the quickest ways to create backlinks to your sites. This is similar to the article and blog creation in a way that it requires unique and informative content. Contents that are high in quality will surely give readers the urge to share it with their friends; thus, increase the popularity of your website.

Link exchange: This is a method in which you will be placing the link of your website in another website that is relevant to your niche. At the same time, you will also place their URL on your website. You must ensure that the website that you will be exchanging with has a high rank on search engines for your website to be promoted easily.

In Summary

It truly takes a lot of time and effort when building backlinks to your website. However, the given things above will truly give you an idea on how to build backlinks to your website, for it to become successful.

Backlinks are among the most important things that a website must include with their strategies to gain a lot of visitors, which will generate a good traffic; thus improving the rank of the website on prominent search engines. Through building backlinks to your website, the URL of your website will be seen on other websites as well as online users, who can be your potential clients.

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