5 Highly Effective Ways to Handle Negative People

handle negative people

It’s a sad fact that we all end up having to deal with overly negative people in our lives and work. How we handle them is our own doing, and not their responsibility.

Here are five highly effective ways to handle negative people when you have to interact with them.

Be aware of how much you give

You should do your best to be cautious when dealing with overly negative people. You don’t want to waste all of your precious energy on them. The best way to handle negative people is avoid them.

Don’t take them personally

Negative people regularly do hurtful things, or say nasty things. Remind yourself that they can’t always help it. They are negative people, however you aren’t. Brush their behaviour off and move on.

You’re not responsible for them

Negative people spend most of their lives being unhappy, constantly complaining, feeling undervalued or just not in a good mood. You need to regularly remind yourself that you are not responsible for their behaviour or feelings.

Give them less power

Truth be told, we don’t want negative people ruling over their lives. Having said that, if they really are  trying to change and be more positive, let the change come and be encouraging! You could give them another chance.

They aren’t like this because of you

People who are needy, overly sensitive or just downright hard to deal with have not become like this, or act like this now, because of you. It is obvious that some other factor in their lives, an event or somesuch, has given to lead them down that path.

Work hard to never ever blame yourself. You can be there for them, but do not take responsibility.


We can spend our lives doing what we can to avoid negativity, but we all end up having to deal with negative people from time to time. Just remember that it’s not you it’s them.

To handle negative people, do your best to follow the five methods above.