Explainer: What Does Shared Website Hosting Mean?

shared website hostiing

We regularly hear from people looking for somewhere to host their website that they do not understand what shared website hosting is. This article helps clarify this topic.

Shared hosting is a method of web hosting in which more than one website is hosted on a common website server.

Customers pay a monthly subscription to maintain their web service, and generally this is a cheap option for hosting (some shared hosts also give free trials of their services).

How shared website hosting works

A hosting service that offers shared hosting usually runs hundreds of websites from one high powered web server. This cuts back on costs of server operation, and it allows the service provider to pass these savings along to their client.

Although there is not as much customisation available for users of shared hosting, the standardisation of services generally makes technical support quicker and easier for the host.

Shared hosting is generally chosen by website owners who have little interest in managing the day-to-day affairs of administrating a website, but it is not a good option for power users who are looking for a high degree of control, customisation, and individual attention from their hosting provider.

What you can expect from this web hosting

Most shared hosting services offer basic technical support as a part of the subscription. Additional features usually include email hosting and website statistics, tracking and reporting.

Website owners generally have access to a control panel reached through a web browser through which to edit and maintain their site.

Benefits of shared website hosting

Shared hosting is an excellent choice for website owners who are looking for ease and simplicity. Their websites are usually small and simple, and the companies that own them usually do not offer complex, web-based services.

If a website owner is looking for a way to establish and maintain an online presence even though the majority of their business takes place offline, shared hosting is an excellent option.

Furthermore, since many websites share a single server, the cost of maintaining the host server is spread across all of the host’s clients. This means reduced monthly subscription amounts for the website owner.

However, it may not suit, if you plan on promoting your business online heavily, or growing rapidly.

Availability of this hosting

Shared hosting services are widely available with hundreds of hosting providers existing in just Australia that offer this. Some are large entities that host hundreds of thousands of websites, but others are much smaller, perhaps only hosting a dozen or so websites.

When selecting a shared hosting service, it’s important to consider one’s priorities in terms of service. The larger shared hosting providers usually have the resources to provide technically advanced services and a broader array of features. However, this sometimes comes at the cost of individual support.

The smaller providers may not have as many financial or technical resources, but since they are maintaining a smaller number of websites, the amount of individualised attention they are able to provide each client is generally higher.

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