8 Skills That Will Instantly Make You a Better Employee

make you a better employee

There is no doubt that specialised skills can help you to stand out amongst other job applicants, however they aren’t the only skills that recruiters look for.

There are many other soft skills that work in just about every job on the planet, and help make you stand out from others.

Here are eight impressive skills that will make you a better employee, no matter the industry or role. Let’s get into them!

Communicate well

Having professional communication skills is something you should never underestimate. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about informal chat at the water cooler, or in an important meeting. Knowing how to communicate effectively and with professionalism is a big skill to have.

If you are unable to clearly express yourself via email they may question whether or not you will be able to express yourself in the office in general. No matter how good the company culture, speak clearly and be concise, and most importantly if you need to ask a question for clarification go for it.

Keep your promises

If you make it a habit to always arrive early for any appointments or meetings, an important signal is sent to those around you, which reaffirms that you are a reliable person.

If you do indeed plan to be early, and then something unexpected happens, such as heavier traffic or an urgent phone call, then there is still a chance that you will still arrive on time. This is much preferable over arriving late, isn’t it?

Manage your stress

Irrespective of the role or industry, there are likely going to be times where there is significant stress and pressure. An ideal employee knows how to handle themselves under this chaos, and in a professional manner.

You should work on breathing and being mindful, even in the most chaotic of moments.

By concentrating on staying calm and collected in difficult situations, you are more likely to stay mentally healthy, and retain your positive attitude.

Keep on learning things

It’s easy once you’ve landed a job to believe that you aren’t stoppable. You have the uniform and the desk and your list of tasks. You have the skills and knowledge to last forever. Nope. Wrong.

Skills and knowledge that were on the cutting edge only a handful of years ago are now sadly on the rubbish pile. So make it a constant habit to be up-skilling wherever you can. You want to end up with the knowledge of a small business coach. Make sure you learn from a wide net as well, so you are able to shift your role if required.

Be super organised

We have all been there; your email inbox seems to be a centre of chaos, and is overflowing with unread messages in seemingly no particular order.

It is time to take a moment to relax with a few deep breaths. It is time to accept you need to set aside some time to clear this up. Get on top of your email inbox, and then make it a habit to stay in control, every single day. Remember, organisation begins with your firm decision to clean up and clear out.

Have emotional intelligence

There is a lot of talk about emotional intelligence, yet it seems that many people find it very difficult to achieve any semblance of understanding. If you can, you are already ahead of so many others.

Emotional intelligence, or EI as it is often known, will also improve the overall quality of your life. This form of intelligence requires that you recognise not just your own emotions, yet also understand the emotions of those around you, such as customers and colleagues.

Learn some sales skills

You don’t have to work in the sales team to need to rely on your sales skills from time to time. Do you know enough about the products and services your employer offers, to be able to sell them, if required?

Another invaluable sales skill is the ability to actively listen and practice empathy whenever possible. You will find that people like to know they are dealing with a live human, and not some robot in corporate attire.

Manage your time

Starting the day by prioritising your tasks, is of utmost importance. Being a great manager of your own time will make you a better employee. When you’re striving to manage your time, in addition checking your email at designated times (and unsubscribing from marketing emails) can help eliminate any pressure you may feel to answer your messages as soon as they arrive in your inbox

This seems like a good time to remind you about those distracting social media notifications finally don’t skip your lunch break it may seem like a good idea in the moment but skipping your break inhibits productivity later in the day treat yourself to dessert and be thankful for 30 minutes of me time.

8 skills to make you a better employee

There you have it – eight unique skills that will definitely make you a better employee, no matter the role you are applying for. All the best of luck!