4 Free yet Powerful Ways to Promote Your Business Online

promote your business online

No matter what stage your business is at, most business owners are always keen to increase the amount of exposure their business receives.

In this article, I cover some proven and powerful ways to promote your business online, without spending a cent.

Get media coverage

Have you had anything interesting happen recently within your business? A milestone of being in business, or new employees, or won a new large contract? Many of these things may seem business as usual to you, yet would be newsworthy for local media outlets. Try getting in touch with your local newspapers and pitch a few story ideas.

You can find lots of press release templates on the web, or just do your own research and find appropriate journalists nearby that cover stories such as yours.

They in turn, will publish any articles on their websites as well, meaning you will promote your business online and in their papers at the same time. Most media also share via social media promotion as well.

Join Facebook groups

When you think about it, there are dozens of different ways that marketing your business on Facebook can help you bring new customers. Joining the right Facebook groups is one of them.

There are tens of thousands of Facebook groups across the globe, and a number of them are dedicated to local business. For example, in my city, I can find over 40 business groups that allow me to post what services and products I offer, without complaints.

Join a few groups, and engage with fellow members. Nobody wants a member just signing up and posting only about themselves – the more you help others and provide advice or feedback, the more people will respond in kind.

Improve your website content

One of the best ways to get Google and other search engines attention, is regularly improve your own website content. Plan out what keywords and phrases you are trying to target, and then focus your energy around improving one page per target phrase across your website.

You don’t want to overdo it though – filling pages with spammy keywords can get you banned. Be smart, and always consider human readers first – then think about SEO keywords, second. The fresh content will be a nice little boost for your SEO.

Write guest posts

Writing guest posts on other blogs is a proven method to get extra audience. Research some blogs that accept guest posts, and then approach them with a few topic ideas. Keep it succinct and don’t be too pushy.

By contributing your knowledge to other websites, you are exposing yourself to a new audience – theirs. They receive free content which will get social shares, and you get some new exposure, all for free.

Then you’ll find that people who find your writing style informative, will follow any links in your writer bio back to your website. The additional link back to your website doesn’t hurt in search engines eyes, either, so it’s a real win-win for both you and the other website owner.

In Summary

By using the four methods above, you’ll expose your website to new audiences, without spending a single cent.

Sure, it may take some time to see the rewards, however if you make it a habit to promote your business online, you will be growing fast in no time at all. Good luck!

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Andrew is the Managing Editor of Linksforce. As well as writing his own Australian business articles, he also oversees the guest writing team. Based in Brisbane, Andrew hopes to one day visit 100+ countries. He's currently at 34 visited.