Best Practices to Follow for Building Maintenance during COVID-19

Building maintenance during COVID19

There is a pause in life; people all over the world are hardheartedly trying to accept the new normal. In reaction to current COVID-19 situations, many cities have taken strict precautions and safety measures to stop the chain and prevent spreading the virus. Looking at the current pandemic situation, both the public and private sector are taking measures to minimise the public health risk of contracting the virus.

Building maintenance companies in Sydney are taking strict measures to provide the building maintenance service with the utmost precaution, maintaining all the hygiene and necessary practice amid lockdown. Despite the pandemic, if you are looking for building maintenance services in Sydney, Next Level Painting is the right destination to go.

With humans advised to stay indoors, it is imperative to ensure that indoor & outdoor conditions of the building are healthy for its occupants to reduce the risk of bacteria or illness.

Here are 5 measures to consider during and after the outbreak:

Ensure the safety of staff and service providers

This is the very first and most important action item. Building managers, tenants, guards, everyone should be free from any symptoms associated with corona virus like fever, cough, and respiratory infection before entering the building or the workplace. All individuals must declare their travel itinerary of the past 14 days to determine the level of risk they might pose to others. Finally, the building management team must inform everyone to wear a mask daily, have a daily body temperature check, and sanitize hands before touching any public essential.

Adopt precaution measures

Precaution is always better than cure. Building managers must apply strict operations and measures to ensure no individual of the building carries corona symptoms or the virus itself.

  • Mandatory thermal scanning of all the building tenants/owners before entering the building.
  • Maintaining the history of visitors.
  • High-touch surfaces to be disinfected frequently (such as door knocks, lift buttons, handrails, etc)
  • Warn guests and individuals to not touch any surface of the building without sanitizing hands.
  • Disinfected carpets can be placed at the entrance of the building to minimize the possible pollutants or viruses.
  • Disinfect or replace air filters of the ventilation system.
  • Inform every owner to not conduct meetings or social gathering with more people or with going against the country’s precaution rules.
  • Provide personal protection items such as sanitizer, hand wash, mask to promote hygiene practice.

Commercial property maintenance should be taken seriously. As people are risking lives and it is the responsibility of the building managers to provide them with a safe working environment.

Keep informed, share updates and manage customer service

Communication and information are the keys when it comes to building maintenance Sydney or any other city or country. It is necessary to update people with the latest updates and provide service accordingly so everyone is aware of the existing situation and work accordingly. For customer service, it is a wise idea to stay connected digitally and avoid in-person meetings.

The general procedure in case if there is any confirmed case in the building

If there is any confirmed case in the building or adjacent to the building, communicate and update internal staff, tenants, and building managers. Carry out disinfect operations to disinfect and clean the building with utmost care. Locate all those who came in contact with the confirmed case person and ask them all to quarantine for 14 days to prevent further spread of the virus.

Consider this checklist to ensure you are taking all the mandatory precautions to keep your building healthy and safe from the virus. Many building managers have started taking property maintenance in Sydney seriously.

Despite the pandemic, it is advised to keep residential and commercial buildings clean and healthy. Regularly cleaning and maintaining will ensure good health to individuals, save money, and increase the life span of any building.