Take Your Business Ahead in Australia with Mobile Application Development

Take Your Business Up Ahead in Australia with Mobile Application Development

Mobile phones, now better known as smartphones, have earned huge success not only in Australia but also across the globe. With the introduction of various new innovative technologies in the mobile industry, the worldwide smartphone market has witnessed numerous smartphones launches, which also got huge sales figures. However, there are various factors, which led to the success of smartphone and tablets. The advanced and innovative world of mobile applications is one such reason.

The advanced mobile applications that enjoy access to the internet have turned smartphones into mini-computers. In the ultra-competitive smartphone industry, mobile applications are an innovative and cost-effective way to promote products/services amongst the mass. Following which, there is a huge demand for mobile application development services across the globe.

Mobile App Development in Australia – iOS & Android

Today, there are various smartphone brands in the Australian market which sells powerful smartphone devices across the country. The leading search engine giant; Google is partly known for its Android series, which again is an innovative smartphone offering.

The Google Android pampers users with numerous exciting, brilliant, unique and useful applications. On the other hand, Apple’s iPhone operating system is also an innovative platform, which powers great and premium smartphones as well.

If you wish to create a mobile app from any corporate and professional mobile app development company in Sydney for promoting your business, you can choose any of these two platforms, based upon their success rate in your business region. Mobile application development covers both; Android application development and iOS application development. 

Increased Use of Smartphones in Australia

To shut down the 2G network across Australia, the Australian mobile market has been saturated with 4G devices. In 2016, 66% of the Australian population was using smartphones and the percentage will jump to 74.5% in 2021!

That means, there will be over 19 million smartphone users across the country. And shortly, 5G will certainly change the scenario mobile phone usage.

The changing smartphone landscape

Australians are using mobile phones for their fitness & health tracking, gaming, social media engagements and online payment on a large scale. Though smartphone sales have been declining during the COVID-19 pandemic, the increasing usage of digital payment, online ordering throughout Australia has encouraged various companies to opt for their Mobile apps for smartphone users.

Internet Connectivity

You need to make sure that your business application leverages internet connectivity. Using which, you can easily stay connected with your existing and

potential customers. Gone are the days when businesses opted mobile website development. With smartphones and internet technologies, businesses now consider mobile application development for reaching their customers and promotional activities.

Mobile Technologies

The technologies used by mobile phones have improved a lot in the last few years. The vast usages of the internet on mobile phones and internet-based mobile applications have made it more than a necessity for businesses to make a presence on this platform.

Following which, large, medium and small business organisations are hiring top mobile application development companies as a business marketing ideas for having an efficient business application developed.

What Should You Choose? Native or Hybrid?

The hybrid mobile app is the latest trend, where the developers program a mobile app to be used across the devices, including PC, laptops, smartphones and tablets. The latest mobile trend has created a delusion that only apps can compete in the mobile environment and attract millions of visitors and customers because the online realm is crammed with plenty of headlines, blogs, reviews, and posts, speaking importance of apps. But the fact is different.

In reality, mobile apps development in Sydney may cost your arm and leg. It also takes substantial time to create an app. To make your business to be present on mobile you should decide, whether you want a Hybrid or React Native mobile app because both of them can stay on a smartphone and facilitate your customers to use your service, as often as possible.

Find your customers

If you know the nature of your customers and their online activities, especially how they purchase in your industry, it is easier to decide. Generally, the iPhone users have different habits than Android, Blackberry and Window’s customers. Check the majority brand of smartphone, used by your prospective customers and go with the trend.

Know your product/service

Generally, the service-oriented businesses involve in one-to-one meetings. For example, if you are involved in the restaurant business, you need to engage your customers at the physical restaurant or deliver them at home. In this case, you may have to go for a responsive site, which can fetch you strong business through the internet.

Do not jump into the bandwagon

Although Hybrid mobile apps are cheaper than React Native mobile apps, you need to pay the extra charges. Developing Hybrid mobile apps is not just resizing to comply with the devices rather the mobile app pattern should be compatible with various mobile platforms, where people touch, tap, pinch and swipe to make it visible. Further, the phone number must be robotically dial-able while the text fields should have touch intuitive features.

Last time I checked; water was necessary to live. But in an annual Apigee mobile app survey of over 760 smartphone users, 85% of those surveyed would rather hold on tight to their mobile devices’ mobile apps over having water. Seems a bit extreme but survey asked smartphone users across Australia.

Some smartphone users use their phones for so many things, from email to Facebook to checking the weather to waking up with an alarm clock app. It’s amazing the power and information we have in these high-tech gadgets. Some have dived in to what these mobile devices can do while some have just scratched the surface of the potential of its use for the individual owner. And some have two-year-old children that can find places on the smartphone that the adult has yet to discover.

In a nutshell, start working with your business team and mobile developers to locate your target audience online habits. Use client surveys, brainstorm sessions, rating, voting and other tools to locate the customer trends, which will perk up the mobile presence of your business.


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