6 Proven Methods to Write an Amazing Email Subject Line

Amazing email subject line

So we can all agree that headlines are massively important. They are strategically written attention-grabbing statements with the sole purpose of getting your reader to engage with you, that is click an ad, read an article, or even open your email. Yes, headlines or in email case, subject lines, are the first things your audience or prospects will se,e and they will be what makes them decide to read or ignore.

You need to pen an amazing email subject line that will get read by your audience. It needs to stand out from the noise of your recipients inbox. Yes, that may seem like a tall mission. A great subject line needs to communicate the benefit of opening the email, and it needs to do this succinctly.

Your subject line is the single most important element of your email and should never be considered as an afterthought. It is the thing that will allow a split-second first impression and decision to open that email and read your awesome content.

So lets dive into six proven methods to write an amazing email subject line.

Get personal

It’s a old age trick, but it works. Studies have proven over and over that people just love seeing their own name. One of the easiest ways to have an email subject line that gets read, is by having the recipients name in there. Even though we all know it’s literally some automated data match from a database, it still works for everyone, even skeptics like me. I know I’m more likely to click on a email that says my name, even though I’m a marketer myself.

If you don’t have the recipients first name, what do you have? Even if it is just a location, or a business name that can help. Why not use a subject line with their town or city mentioned? “How’s the weather in Perth today?” or “Hope the team at XYZ is having a great Wednesday”, there’s often some data we can use.

Show attitude

If your brand has a personality that isn’t afraid to push the buttons or be different, then please by all means be bold! Today’s email recipients are expecting more authenticity and personality from brands they subscribe to. So sometimes it actually helps to just be very human. If you know your audience well, then use acronyms or slang that will appeal to them.

Obviously, whilst we know that controversy is a powerful weapon, it also really depends on the audience you’re communicating to. Don’t be afraid to be super bold, however please be mindful and make sure you’re still being careful to a degree. If you think the email subject line is not the place to try packing an emotional punch, you should think again. A great way to get someone’s attention, is by sparking an emotion – just be careful it’s not anger or frustration, otherwise this approach will backfire.

Create urgency

This is seriously the oldest trick in the sales book, and that’s because it seriously works. Creating urgency is a good way to create an amazing email subject line that motivates your recipients to do an action. “Quick! Last 18 hours for this sale.” This urgency trick works for the fact that people absolutely can’t stand missing out.

Urgency implies that there is a deadline quickly approaching. If your recipients want that bonus, deal or special thing,they better act right now, otherwise they won’t get it, and that plays to their FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

Be mysterious

Who doesn’t love a bit of mystery? By embracing a little mystery in your email subject line, it creates an open loop which triggers a strong urge in your subscribers’ minds to fill that gap of missing information. A good way to do this, would be to use a cliffhanger; “I sent 30,000 emails, and then the phone rang…”. Another creative way to do this would be to ask your subscribers a question; “Would you trust me if I asked this simple question?”.

Please don’t be too mysterious to the point of confusion. Always ensure your email content actually provides closure or the information in the subject line, or your subscribers are going to feel betrayed and upset.

Be visual

Another more recent method to create an amazing email subject line is through emoji’s. The rise of emoji’s in mass communication is stellar, and there’s nowhere better to use them to convey a message than in an email subject line. For example, if you know that the majority of your subscribers enjoy listening to music or like a certain food, etc, find the relevant emoji and insert it at the start.

The reason I say start, is because you don’t want it hidden past ‘the fold’of email software subject line preview limits. This small visual is a fantastic method to create emotional resonance in your email subject lines that speaks to your recipients without any words at all.

Be bold and direct

Now and then, it may be that straightforward language will be best. Your recipients appreciate when you respect that their time is precious. Rather than some super tricky copy writing award winning messaging, try something simple.

Cut to the chase straight away. This implies you email content will be similar too. Try something like “29% off bold t-shirts, this week only” and see how that works.

Amazing email subject line

So there’s my list of six awesome methods to take your email subject from “ho hum” to an amazing email subject line that will be read. Now of course I’m not suggesting you cram all of these tips into ONE subject line.

The end goal  here is that you should first determine the type of email you’re sending and choose the method that works best. Then use a mix of these different tactics throughout your marketing campaigns and newsletters, and see what works best with your audience. Good luck!

About author

Lauren Clarke is an Australian freelance blogger, who writes on small business marketing, human resources and business for a number of blogs. Outside of writing, she enjoys sampling Australian red wines, and live theatre. Follow Lauren on Twitter.