6 Clever Ways to Repurpose Your Content

Repurpose your content

When you start determining which content to repurpose you must first look at your Analytics to find out evergreen content. There’s nothing better for lead generation as evergreen content.

From there you get a list of ideas that are going to make the highest impact for your blog.

Create new blog posts and articles

It doesn’t really matter to your audience if you want to repurpose content. Because, a new audience discovers your content when you post to a new channel. The content doesn’t become degraded because you decided to post it elsewhere. Another myth around content repurposing is that spinoff content is of poor quality. It need not be so.

Your audience can benefit from both the old content and its spin offs.

So, where do we start?

You may often publish articles in the form of listicles. This article for instance is a listicle. No reason why I can’t create satellite content around it by expanding each of the topics discussed here into fully fleshed out new articles.

Break out the headers into new articles. You could apply several angles. Provide information rich tutorials, add infographics, include a part of what you’re saying into a video tutorial, add more information and so on. Sky’s the limit. Also ensure that your pages load fast so that people don’t face a negative user experience.

Create a presentation

Another idea is to create an actionable presentation. A presentation is a rich multimedia file full of interesting insights, recent stats, quotes and actionable takeaways. Create slides and include recaps from your original content.

What’s next? Share these slides to sites like SlideShare where you can get additional engagement from your slides.

Canva is a great tool that helps you create presentations from scratch. If you don’t like its interface here’s a list of Canva alternatives you can use.

All these design tools have templates that you can edit, you have the ability to use free graphics, add text and colors to your presentations and much more. Content repurposing is how you can growth hack your business.

Create an infographic

Another beautiful way to repurpose content is by creating an infographic out of your content. The infographic should ideally offer a complete summary of the post as an outline. An infographic is rich with graphics and you use visual storytelling to tell a compelling narrative. With rich media and graphics what you share becomes a rallying point for people to understand and follow. Infographics are a cool way to break down a lengthy article into a culmination of easy-to-understand images.

Litmus, an email marketing blog, takes their research and data that they gain from their platform and use that to tie into a compelling narrative.

Because of the great presentation such compelling insights from Litmus gets lots of links.

Create email newsletters

Most marketers get started with building an email list built and do everything in their power to balloon their subscriber numbers.

Subscriber numbers like most things are vanity metrics. Instead focus on cultivating real value.

This is possible if you spend the time to nurture your leads.


Through data backed email newsletters. Create welcome email campaigns and drip feed informational newsletters. Recreate your blog posts and add them as newsletters and send a power packed newsletter campaign.

Repost and promote on social media

Social media can bring you a lot of traffic if you allow it to. It needs a bit of planning and action.

Evergreen content you created a few years ago, is still relevant today. Talking from a marketing angle a research backed piece of content promotion strategies may be still relevant today even if it was published 3 years ago. The tools used may have changed. Add a few more stats. Update with new tools you’re using and presto you have something to repromote on social media. Old articles need a little bit of dusting up and you open traffic taps once again. Don’t forget to use great captions.

You get multiple shares and retweets. You can use the strategy equally well for eCommerce startups.

Repost on Quora

Quora has absolutely blown up as a social network. You get highly engaged traffic on the platform.

It’s easy to repurpose your blog posts as answers to questions on Quora. All it needs is a little creativity.

The benefits? If an answer becomes popular it can surpass 100k views in a few days. Some of that turns to referral traffic to your site. All you need to do is find questions that you’re already answering through your blog.

What do you think of our ideas?

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