6 Fantastic Tips on How to Write a Great Blog Post Title

6 Fantastic Tips on How to Write a Great Blog Post Title

The internet is flooded with blogs right now. Blogging has increased so tremendously that there are over 2 million blog posts being posted on the internet every day. With such a huge availability of blog posts on the internet, it is really tough for anyone to get people’s attention. Knowing how to write a great blog post title is one of the best methods in grabbing people’s attention to your blog. 

No matter how precious and relevant content you have inside your blog, if the title is not relevant, no one is going to read your blogs. In this article, we are going to talk about some ways that would help you write a great blog post title. Take a look at these tips and see which one works for you the best.

The title should be engaging

This is the first thing to care about here. When you are trying to write a great blog post title that is equally engaging, the titles with the phrase “how-to” the best way to do it. Almost all the “how to” titles are great as they seem to be active titles. Such titles are used for blog posts that are meant to solve some real-world problem. 

You can make the title even more engaging if you are able to relate the title to a large number of people. Here is an example of such title. “How to stay fit if you hate exercising”. There are several ways to do it all you have to find the regular mindset of your target audience. 

In this way, more people can relate themselves to the titles and hence you will get more audience. 

Focus on accuracy

Accuracy is the key when you are writing a great blog post title. There are several things that you have to care about when you are planning to write a nice title. Accuracy means that the content in your blog should be relevant to the title you have written. There are several blog post titles that promise something unique and mind-blowing. But when someone finishes reading the blog, they find out that the title is no relevant.

Using such a technique can help you get some audience in the beginning but you will lose the potential audience later on. So, if you are planning to write such a title, you should research the topic so that the title gets along with the content included in the blog. 

The title can be even greater if you add some clarification to it. One way to do it is by adding a bracketed text to the title. Several surveys have revealed that blogs with this type of title perform far better than the ones without it. 

The title should be equally accurate when it comes to set the expectations of your users. If you write a title that sets high expectations about the content in the article and you fail to deliver such content, it will be a disaster for your blog post. 

The proper use of the keywords

Whenever you are writing a blog or creating any other form of content, you should focus more on your target users rather than the search engine. This is the most common mistake that most people make in the beginning. You should use keywords only when it is necessary. With such proper use of the keywords in your blog, you will be able to put your blog in a place where it should be in the SERPs. 

When the blog post is flooded with the keywords, it is not good for a better user experience. You have to include the keywords to go along the search engine algorithms but make proper use of the keywords. 

Don’t make lengthy titles

Google offers limited space in the SERPS for representing the title of a blog post. If you write a blog post title that is too lengthy, the complete title won’t be represented in the SERPs. Hence your title will no longer be relevant for the users. Right now, the limit for representing a blog post title in the SERP is about 70 characters. The 70-character limit for a blog post title is really convenient. If anyone likes your blog very much, they can easily use the title in their tweets. 

Optimise the title for search engine and social media

A great blog title is one that incorporates the requirements of the search engine. You should know the specific keywords that most users are searching for at the moment. Try to include the keywords in the title. You should try it, don’t take it as a compulsory thing. In many cases, I have found that people degrade the quality of a title by using keywords. If you are unable to use it in some cases, you can avoid it. But try to do it whenever possible. 

Try to make your title suitable for sharing on social media. We are living in the age where social media is most prevalent among all the other things available on the internet. Make sure that your title is easy to be shared on social media if anyone wants to do it. Though google SERP recommends a title of not more than 70 characters you should try to make it even shorter. This will help you a lot. 

Try to make headlines with the word “Best” in it

This is a very common way people search for something on the internet. There are several ways to do it. Suppose you have to buy a kitchen knife and you are confused about it. In such a situation, you will search for terms like ”best kitchen knife” under a certain price range. Such behaviour is very common in almost all cases when people search for something. 

So, as per the SEO experts, the titles that include the word “Best” in them are very good for driving traffic to your website. 

Final words

We hope this article helped you a lot in knowing the ways to make a great blog post title. Keep in mind that these are not the only tips for such a title. There is always room for learning. During the process of working with such titles, learn from others and keep on experimenting with new ideas. 

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