Some Email Marketing Tips You’ve Probably Been Avoiding

Email marketing tips

If you ask any marketer, they probably would tell you that email marketing is one of the few marketing channels that have been known to work time and time again. In other words, even compared with search engine traffic, email over-delivers.

In fact, social media traffic, search traffic, and all sorts of digital traffic can’t compare with email when it comes to conversions. As you probably already know, if you want to make money online, you have to focus on conversions.

All the traffic in the world is not going to help you if that traffic doesn’t somehow someway turn into dollars in your bank account. That is the bottom line. You have to wrap your mind around that central fact. Otherwise, you’re not going to make any money with digital marketing in 2020.

Regardless of how many email marketing tips that you read and follow, nothing’s going to work. Why? You don’t focus on conversions. This is why whatever email marketing tips you read up must focus ultimately on conversions. In fact, the sooner it talks about conversion, the more you should pay attention to it.

If you read tips that mention conversion later on in the blog post or at the bottom, you might not be looking at the right piece of advice. Seriously. It’s an afterthought to them. It’s something that kind of happens magically or by accident.

Well, believe me, making money on the internet, considering how competitive it is, is never an accident. You have to know what you’re doing. You have to have a plan coming in. You have to have your wits about you. Otherwise, you’re going to fail.

It doesn’t matter how many of these email marketing tips you’ve read, you’re just going to fail because you’re doing it wrong. So, pay close attention to what I’m going to share with you because these are tips that you probably haven’t read before or you’ve come across fairly rarely.

Emphasise your personality

The first thing that you need to do when you are crafting an email for marketing purposes is that you are presenting your brand’s personality. This is crucial.

A lot of marketers think that people would just instinctively click on their email subject line because they have needs. And these needs are generic. These needs just need some sort of solution so they can take care of their problem right here, right now.

Well, people are not that stupid. People are discriminating. Sure, you have a solution but is your solution, right for your target audience members? Is it right for the potential buyer, in terms of that person’s psychology and emotional state?

Don’t assume that just because you have the answer that they would immediately be able to figure this out and immediately take action on the opportunity you have presented to them. That’s simplistic thinking.

You have to understand that buyers are emotional. In fact, according to a recent study, most buying decisions are actually impulsive. That’s right. They’re driven by intuition and emotion. They’re not the product of some sort of long, drawn-out, painful, logical analysis, and deductive reasoning. None of that is going on.

Instead, they’re all emotional and they are in the right mental state and they just jump in with both feet. How do you make sense of that fact? How do you square that with your email marketing campaigns? You have to account for that. In fact, your whole campaign should be built around that cold hard fact.

Tell a story

I go through a lot of emails on a daily basis. In fact, I have a rapid-fire delete button. It took a long time for me to get good at it, but I just have this skill with my mouse left button that just hits that delete icon in a rapid-fire fashion. It’s no surprise that I’m able to process a tremendous amount of email in a ridiculously short period of time.

But from time to time, and I can count them with one hand on any given day, an email just gets to me. How? Well, the headline is open-ended and it has some sort of a personal angle to it. So I get curious and I click and it’s obvious that whoever sent this targeted me because I was on some sort of mailing list regarding a particular topic.

What awaited me was basically a journey into some person’s story. Something happened to them and there was some sort of conflict and I was drawn in. I suspect that I’m not the only person because it’s a compelling story.

When you’re marketing through email, you have to sell through stories. You have to understand that people are not machines. People are not just simply looking for part A to fit into slot B. That’s not how the human mind works. Instead, you have to appeal to their emotions. And one of the best ways to do this, of course, is through a story.

Crash and burn quickly

One of the biggest challenges in email marketing is to figure out the right formula. This is not an understatement because you have to have the right formula.

You have to have the right subject line. You have to have the right text body. You have to have the right call to action. You have to put all these together to get the behaviour that you’re looking for.

What outcome are you looking for? This is the least mysterious part. You’re looking to make money from that email. But you have to mix and match. You have to slice and dice all these different elements to get them to convert properly. And this takes quite a bit of experimentation.

Unfortunately, a lot of email marketers are lazy. They think that as long as one complete email performs a one percent banner than another complete email, that’s it. They’re done. That’s all the optimisation they do.

This is a serious mistake. If you do this, you’re probably going to lose money hand over fist. Seriously. You’re going to be throwing good money after bad and it’s going to be a disaster. You have to optimise on an element by element basis and you have to crash and burn.

Get ready to crash and burn. Meaning, know when an experiment failed and move on to the next one after that. So, the sooner you get to that optimal form that you can scale up, the better off your profits will be.

Keep the email marketing tips above in mind the next time you launch an email marketing campaign. People make good money from email marketing. But unfortunately, they are few and far between. By following the tips above, you can join the ranks.

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