Digital Marketing: Demystifying the Favourite Jargon of Millennials

Digital Marketing: Demystifying the Favourite Jargon of Millennials

Sam makes marvellous and delicious cider from green apples by using secret ingredients and traditional techniques by which he can produce variants with distinct aroma and flavours. He runs a small factory in the countryside and earns modestly. He doesn’t advertise as he is left with no time to do anything else.

Enters his tech-savvy son, Sam Junior, who is well versed with the clichés of digital as well as traditional marketing. He slowly lands his cider website and optimises it with local SEO. Gradually, he can make a brand value of Sam’s unique cider and Voila! They have amassed a great fortune in just three years. Thanks to those two magical words that are taking everyone in the world for the ride of their lives.

Digital Marketing – What’s it all about?

The popular definition of the word digital means that something that is expressed in numerals or information in a binary form readable by a computer. Marketing is the exercise or art of selling product through various tools like advertising and conducting research. So, digital marketing is the art of promoting, selling or advertising the goods and services on digital platforms.

It stands for an umbrella term that has all marketing platforms and techniques under it that you adopt and follow to promote, sell, or advertise your product and services across all internet driven devices such as computers, televisions, tablets, etc. and on electronic devices such as televisions, electric boards, digital walls, etc.

There is no ideological or foundational difference between digital and traditional methods of marketing. Both of them serve the common purpose of propagating the positive word of mouth about a particular product or service. In the digital world, making a brand value or developing the ‘word of mouth’ is known as ORM or Online Reputation Management.

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The difference is of targeted audience and platforms. Digital marketing is made for digital channels and because of this businesses can have data and feedback in less time than traditional methods. The results after adopting the former start to roll out immediately.

E-commerce has grown exponentially in the past decade. According to Statista, the total global e-commerce market was valued at 3.5 trillion dollars in 2019. Though Bill Gates have remarked that the global pandemic has taken the earth back 25 years in terms of growth, e-commerce has touched an all-time high.

Escalating Role of Digital Marketing

A student searches for proper guidance to achieve HD grades in assignments. Modern educationists too believe that every student needs to try and do his best when it comes to performing in academics owing to the cut-throat competition.

With the increasing burden of studies, students find it hard to get some time for them. The global pandemic triggered by COVID-19 has forced everyone to look for online solutions to their problems. At this point, digital marketing has emerged as a tool for addressing the elephant in the room.

Online tutors and guides are now resorting to digital marketing for extending their Teaching services to students in need. For facilitating the professional pursuits, teachers are interested in building their brand value and reach out to the maximum number of student and youth.

Smart and targeted social media presence and online marketing strategy have acted as a major catalyst for changing the operation of the education system around the world. Students too rely on tutoring services having a strong online presence to avoid chances of being conned.

Tactics of Digital Marketing

Here is a list of online marketing techniques or tactics that are adopted by online teachers in digital marketing.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

It is a tool for updating your website through various techniques so that your website ranks higher in SERP or Search Engine Results Page. For example, if you type any query on Google, it shows many search results. Depending upon the topic, the result may run to several thousand.

A person can’t go through every result. So, Google has algorithms to identify which result is likely to give you the best information that you are seeking. It is divided into On-page, OFF-page SEO and, Technical SEO.

PPC or Pay Per Click

Do you see small advertisements that pop out of nowhere whenever you visit any website or social media platform? It is a method adopted by marketers for advertising where the advertiser pays the publisher when a user clicks on the advertisement. The purpose of PPC is to attract traffic to the website.

Affiliate Marketing

This is the best method for providing marketing services for online tutors to reach students. Generally, teachers make videos explaining a concept so that their command over the subject is reflected. Here they can put a small advertisement in between for those who are accessing that video free of cost.

This trend has been followed by various brands through:-

  • Youtube’s Partner Program
  • Creating affiliate links from different social media platforms.

Online PR

Statistics show that it is the most effective method for marketing. It includes registering an online presence by publishing content through blogs and other publications. This can be done by interacting with journalists and media houses on social media like Twitter.

These hacks are the perfect recipe for building a snaring online presence among competitors. So, fire up your services with Digital marketing!


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