How to Start a Podcast and Grow Your Very Own Audience

How to Start a Podcast and Grow Your Very Own Audience

Trends come and go and so the old becomes new. Let’s discuss how to start a podcast and join this trend.

Once upon a time, millions of families gathered around their radios. Most tuned into Orson Welles “War of the Worlds” late. This radio show cause nationwide panic because the radio broadcast sounded like a real dramatisation of a martian invasion.

Coming back to the here and now and you have podcasts.

What are Podcasts?

Podcasts are audio files that can be downloaded or streamed from the internet. They are like specialty digital radio broadcasts for those who like to learn while they listen. The popularity of podcasts has been increasing with the advance in mobile technology.

Some refer to podcasts as I did as online radio however the term came out in 2004. Audio blogs evolved into the first podcasts however the problem was technology wasn’t advanced back then. You had to go to the site download the MP3 then load them into your player, which made it hard to get your content on the go.

With the advance in MP3 technologies, people are storing more audio content to take with them. They prefer to listen to what they want rather than being at the mercy of the radio stations. More and more people are now wondering how to start a podcast for themselves.

Growing Popularity Leads to New Opportunities

Podcasts are becoming more popular because of mobile technology. Most podcasts are heard on people’s phones or tablets. A few short years ago they were listened to mainly on computers. Enter smartphones and now there was an opportunity for people to listen to what they want no matter where they are.

The similarities between blogs and podcasts can’t be ignored. Just like anyone can write a blog, anyone can have a podcast. The better podcasts focus on a niche the host knows about, just like blogs. Just as marketers flocked to blogs so too are they adding podcasts to their tool belt. Businesses are noticing this digital marketing trend, and advertising sales are rising.

Creating your own podcast gives you a way to expand your reach and personal branding

Choose a niche that you are passionate about and share your knowledge with others. If you plan your content right you can pick up listeners fast. Create your podcasts and build your credibility as start getting attention. This will let your audience see you as an expert in your market so you can build a following.

It is easy to get started podcasting and costs very little to start

All you need to get started is a computer, an internet connection, and a microphone so you can start reaching your audience. Podcasting technology has now allowed for automation and just as in the blogging world this creates opportunities previously unavailable.

When your listener subscribes to your podcast, it is automatically transferred to their MP3 and because they have shown an interest you know your message is being reached. Since your message is sent on the internet it is less expensive than other forms of communication and is an easier delivery system.

You can build relationships with your content

Once you have a following your broadcasts let you connect personally with your audience so you can build relationships. Spoken words are a powerful way to connect because it allows the listener to feel like they know you. Relationship building is an important part of building a loyal audience and give your business returning customers.

You can start creating your list and promote your product or service

Having a following will let you start building your list of those truly interested in what you are offering. Your followers want to hear what you have to say and your content lets you keep in touch with your customers. You’ve heard the money is in the list and having interested followers helps you keep your product or service in the front of their mind. It is an effective channel for marketing and promoting while quickly growing your customer base.

Having specific information in a profitable niche will help you earn money because listeners will pay to hear your content. This is what information marketing is all about and bloggers have been doing this for years. If your podcasts gives valuable information that helps make life easier for your listener or solves a problem for her then they will pay money for it.

One way to do this is to recommend products or services that your audience finds useful and make money as an affiliate. Another is as your reach grows is to find advertisers so you can earn a profit.

How to start a podcast

There you have it – how to start a podcast and reach your own audience.

You can reach a targeted audience with podcasting and brand yourself, promote your products, with low start up costs. They allow you to become an expert in your niche while showing your creativity in expressing your opinion.

For example, Canberra-based Futuretheory have a business podcast called Future Tribe.

I found an important fact stating that 69% of podcast listeners listen to 5 shows per week. This gives those just starting out an opportunity to attract listeners and grow their audience.