7 Fantastic Tips to Help You Create a LinkedIn Profile

5 Tips To Help You Create A Great LinkedIn Profile

Many people make the mistake when they Create a LinkedIn Profile to just treat it like a boring resume, listing key statistics. Wrong! That’s the worst thing you can do. When was the last time you really reviewed your LinkedIn profile? Well, if you’re like most Australian business owners on LinkedIn then the answer is probably not recently!

Many business owners either don’t put much on their LinkedIn profile or they’ve cut and pasted their personal resume which I can tell you is – BORING!

Repeat after me; my LinkedIn profile page gives me an opportunity to sell myself and connect with potential prospects.

That’s right – a great LinkedIn profile allows you to establish your credibility and confirm your authority plus it’s also a chance for you to make sales!

So to get you on the right track, here are a few tips that you can use to help you create a LinkedIn profile worth reading.

Have a great headline

The fastest way to get someone to leave your profile page on LinkedIn is to bore them with your headline!

Nothing is worse than a headline that screams “PLEASE IGNORE ME”.

If you want to really get people to pay attention to who you are and what you have to say then make a BOLD statement with your title and headline.

For example, instead of using a boring LinkedIn headline and title such as Sally Smith, Tax Accountant, use a provoking headline, such as Sally Smith, “I save Australian companies paying huge tax bills”.

This is done by offering them something or by telling them what you can do for them so that they will want to look at the rest of your profile.

Explain your story

In the business world we call this your elevator pitch. When you create a LinkedIn profile, make sure to include an elevator pitch. In a paragraph or less what is your story?

  • How did you get where you are?
  • Why did you choose to become a business owner?
  • What do you have to offer?
  • What makes you unique?

That sounds like a lot to fit into a paragraph right? Trust me – it can be done!

When you’re writing your LinkedIn profile don’t edit the first time around, just write from the heart and try to make it personal as possible.

Share your story with them and use your voice!

If that means you’re sarcastic then be sarcastic or if you’re a sentimental person then share why you do what you do and why it’s so important to you.

Write your page in first person, from your perspective. For example, “The reason I became an Accountant is…”. Start your story with what would most interest your reader and I’ll give you a small hint – it’s probably not your work experience!

You can tell them briefly WHY they should listen to you however then dive right into something that will benefit them. For example, if you’re the owner of a health and fitness business you might tell them that you used to be overweight.

Share on your profile how you’ve helped X amount of people and what benefit you have to offer. For example, you may want to say that you’ve been able to personally help more than 100 people lose weight and keep it off and don’t forget to point out that you can help them too!

Include a fantastic profile image

Why would you create a LinkedIn profile, and then have a dodgy, dark or blurry image of you in less flattering conditions? Don’t do that! Having a great image is a big part of creating a killer LinkedIn profile. You want people to connect with you visually as well. This is a chance to have a nice photograph of yourself, not some stock image or that dreaded no profile image icon.

If you don’t have a good profile image, ask around and find a professional photographer who can take some headshot photographs of you. The investment is well worth the cost.

Explain your job in detail

If you have too much to share then don’t put it all under one “job”. Detail out the different positions you hold at your company under “experience”.

List the title and what you did for “that” position. As small business owners we wear multiple hats so you may end up with 3 or 4.

Now remember, while your profile page is supposed to be informative you don’t have to include every detail of what you do.

Always remember that the information that you put on your page is not about glorifying your background – it’s about connecting with the person who’s reading it.

Include all your contact information

If you want people to contact you then let them know! Make it simple for them to reach you and don’t make them track you down.

Provide a way that they can contact you at least 3-5 times in your profile. Then after you finish editing your LinkedIn profile set it aside for a while then come back and look at it later.

You’ll think of other things that you want to say when you’re away from it and when you do just write them down.

Have several calls to action

Invite the person who’s looking at your LinkedIn profile to take some form of action after they’ve read your profile. This could be as simple as connecting with you, or making contact or visiting a website. Be creative about your options here.

  • Invite them to connect or message with you;
  • Ask them to sign up for your email mailing list;
  • Share an article that will take them to your website, or;
  • Offer to provide them with a FREE consultation.

It is all possible, with the right text and inviting calls to action.

Update your profile frequently

Don’t just create a LinkedIn profile, and then leave it for another 12 months. You should log in regularly, post some interesting news or posts, and review your profile. When you return, you’ll be able to review your profile page with a fresh set of eyes and think of better, more concise ways to say what you want to say.

That’s when you can revise, edit and polish your profile!

Once you’re finished, you’ll be able to show off your LinkedIn profile with pride.

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