Significance of Business Cards in the Digital Age

Business Cards in the Digital Age

Business cards go back as early as the 17th century when they were used for advertising purposes and include a person’s business details and geographical coordinates to the location of business.

Even today in the age of digital when we are connected by millions of software and applications, the importance of business cards can’t be overlooked as they’re still considered a smart investment and a perfect promotional asset.

If your corporate operations involve business card printing in Dubai or any other place for that matters, you may already know the importance of business cards. Let’s find out a bit more!


Business cards are a perfect means to advertise or market which is represented as both text and creative design. A neat, clear, concise and well-designed business card is something worth handing over and recipients do wish to hand onto. Just make sure yours is different, creative and has something that stands out of the crowd.


It’s obvious of a business card to be a symbol of trustworthiness, reliability and honesty of business and its existence; having all the details included. A company’s reputation or credibility is at stake should there be any false information on the business card or worse, there isn’t any card at all. Such could defame the company and chances of it getting lost in the huge competitive market are far greater.


Business cards come in different shapes and sizes but; all can be conveniently kept in the pocket or carry wallet which makes them quite handy. They’re small enough to handover conveniently, perhaps tack on a public bulletin board or maybe couriered in an envelope or with a letter.

Although small and seemingly insignificant as compared to overall corporate arsenal and digital solutions, the traditional business cards still have what it takes to make a huge and optimistic difference for a company or career. But, the element of making an impression depends on your effort and investment in the card’s design and overall aesthetics, especially the way information is being communicated.


Going back in time, even well-off countries such as the U.S. and the U.K. don’t realize the importance of business cards and simply considered them a tool to networking and share contact information. Countries like Japan on the contrary, consider it a matter of pride and honour to exchange high-quality and well-designed business cards.

Digital Information vs. Business Cards

When we speak of networking, it means making genuine and reliable connections. Although a common practice and rather a norm followed by most of the corporate industries around the world, sharing information on digital platforms as a text, email or any other whatsoever is considered highly impersonal.

Simply take the example of two business individuals having their eyes down on digital devices while typing would never have the memory of their encounter later on. Exchanging business cards however is the real start of reliable networking whereas everything digital follows afterwards.

Most Effective Marketing Means

No doubt, digital marketing practices such as email, search engine optimisation, paid media and social media channels; all are considered best when it comes to attracting leads and profitable prospects. Still, the impact of meeting in person, having a handshake and exchanging business cards have no alternatives as the effectiveness is unbeatable even in the age of all-things digital.

Let’s consider a case where you may encounter a potential lead or contact anywhere, anytime during a corporate event, trade shows or even while travelling. Having business cards with you all the time means making the most of the opportunity and start of a long-lasting relationship simply through exchange of the card. It’s thus important to keep a few with you all the time when outside!

First-Impression of a Brand

Branding and promotion is the key to take business to new heights of success and when it comes to making a first impression, nothing is more important and memorable than exchanging the business card which is considered more than just sharing email addresses or contact number.

As a highly successful businessman, you surely don’t want a profitable brand associate to walk away. Simply consider a storefront sign that can immediately grab attention should it be catchy and creative! Same goes for business cards which is one reason business card printing in Dubai and top corporate hubs around the world is considered a matter of pride, dignity and making an unforgettable impression.

For some, business cards may seem like an additional and unnecessary expense but, just consider how much it can gain you in return.

Creative Business Cards: A Means of Continuous Marketing

A business card is a physical embodiment of your brand thus leaving a remarkable impression. This is the reason for business cards to be as creative as can be and not just a means to share contact information.

While email addresses and text messages on the mobile have a shorter lifecycle, creative business cards that are impressively designed show your effort and significance in branding.

Keeps You Prepared

While writing contact information on a piece of paper or even texting on the mobile isn’t considered all too professional! Compare it with business cards where individuals are ready to write down additional information or something important on them with a pen; indicates professionalism and seriousness of conducting effective and efficient business operations.

Expert Opinion

Many different corporate firms and websites continuously express that business cards are highly professional, a means to exchange information with reliability even in the age of digital communication. Not having a business card can make a poor impression and be considered against corporate etiquettes.

Considerations & Benefits

Just like a formal corporate attire, a business card is a means to make a first lasting impression of your brand. It shows your professionalism and seriousness towards your business as well as considered a matter of pride to represent your services.

When promoting a particular business, service, brand or company, business cards can play a significant role as the most effective marketing means that can immediately convert a prospect into a loyal customer or even a business partner.

In a Nutshell

  • When having a business card developed from a business card printing company in Dubai, consider putting the latest and most impressive professional qualification right under your name. As for college graduates and university students, they can simply mention the name of their institution and majors should they aren’t corporate professionals.
  • Accomplishments, website addresses and social media pages so on, such information should be printed on the backside of the card so that there’s room to write additional details and custom information.
  • It’s important to avoid lamination or any other material that can ruin the text print on the card.
  • Never have your picture pasted on the card and keep the design to minimal yet creative

There Are several business card printing companies and websites providing expert services as well as custom corporate cards. It’s preferred to place your order with them and make things right from the start.

Even though everything we do today is digital; from emails to signatures, meetings, networking and so on; a business card is simply irreplaceable and a means to make a lasting corporate impression. If you haven’t yet thought of having a business card, consider placing an order today and experience your brand to take a winning leap.