Why Australian Businesses Are Preparing Employees for Media Training

Australian business media training

Especially after the recent COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever, media training is important for all staff of Australian businesses, because it prepares them for crisis situations that can spread like wildfire. This issue is more apparent today, in this age of alternative media where everything can be magnified and relayed in a matter of seconds through social media. 

As a leader of an Australian organisation, one should invest in training the staff to be defenders of the company and its brand whether in good times or in bad.

Though not all people in the staff are required to talk to journalists and other media members, the training will give them an idea of the discipline and preparation it takes in handling the press. It will also point out the advantages of good media relations as well as the disadvantages of being careless about it. It is important to have the staff on the organisation’s side because they are in the best position to protect or defend the company in the face of negative issues catching public interest.

Media training will also do an organisation good especially during a crisis. In these situations, the Australian organisation’s members or employees should be able to act fast to dispel speculations and prevent false information to circulate in mainstream media or the internet. It is not at all true that people should not talk to the media when there is a crisis. 

On the contrary, things should be set straight right away with a properly crafted statement from the company. The entire company should have the same stand and all the employees should be able to give the same statement whenever they are asked by anyone about the issue.

Training in crisis communication also equips one with skills on how to handle interviews from the press even if the questions become so contentious and probing. These media situations sometimes become so uncontrollable that without the proper training, anyone can easily give in to panic or buckle down under pressure. 

Of course, this will not do the organisation any good nor does it provide solutions to its impending crises. Australian organisations should definitely book media training for their staff if they want to be prepared for any eventuality. 

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