Strata Laws That a Building Owner Must Be Aware Of

strata laws you should be aware of

Strata law is to do with a strata complex and handling of all the legal matters like common disputes and issues like noisy neighbours, property damages, establishing who is responsible for the repair work. Strata buildings can be apartments, office buildings, warehouses as well as multi-purpose buildings. This type of lawyers is often referred to as building dispute lawyers in Sydney.

There are several situations in which homeowners and property developers are likely to require the help of a strata lawyer. A property developer might require the help of a strata lawyer during the planning and building stages. Strata lawyers might be necessary for the registration of a set of by-laws as well.

The drafting and amending of the By-laws also require special skills that only strata lawyers possess. This article describes various strata laws that every building owner must be aware of. It is a must-read for those considering to seek help from specialist strata lawyers in Sydney.

How Strata Laws Beneficial for Homebuyers

Strata lawyers are useful for homeowners as well as property developers. Here how it is useful for homeowners:

The strata laws have eased to some extent allowing homeowners to make improvements as well as an addition to the house with ease. Thus, homeowners who wish to renovate their homes to either add value to the property or for some other reason, it is now easier to accomplish such changes. In fact, in the case where the occupant only wishes to make minor changes to the property, this can be done without the approval of any kind.

The strata laws also allow all the owners to sell as a collective and ensure they get more value for the houses. Thus, in the case where a unit of houses is put up for sale, the strata law will ensure that the owners are entitled to no amount lesser than that of the market value of the real estate.

Besides this, it will also include the moving cost. However, it is also essential to obtain the approval of 75% of the unit owners to receive the approval to sell the block.

These laws also help with the maintenance of the property for repair work of any kind.

Essential Information on Strata Act.

There are several strata laws that every homeowner and resident should be aware of. Some of them are listed here:

  • Any debts for unpaid levies or NCAT imposed fines are possible to be recovered from the local courts.
  • In the case where minor or cosmetic renovations are required, it is essential to notify the relevant committee however, there may not be any requirement to obtain any approval.
  • In the case where there is the need to conduct major renovations to the building, it is necessary for there to be a vote. It is only if the vote is in favour of the renovations, is it possible to conduct the renovations.
  • Building managers, as well as agents and other people who make a living by working for the strata scheme, are not eligible to be elected to the strata committee.
  • 75% of the owners can opt to vote to sell a strata block to the developers for demolition.
  • There is also a model for the Pet By-Laws which is more towards the favour of the pet lovers.
  • The homeowners have the option to make the necessary arrangements for patrolling car parks with the local council.
  • Illegally parked vehicles can be moved and relocated to a location where parking is allowed.
  • Any smoke generated as a result of smoking can be defined as a nuisance and the resident has a right to complain about this.
  • External renovations of any kind require strata approval.