10 Admirable Qualities Shown In Great Leaders

10 Admirable Qualities Shown In Great Leaders

Leadership is a quality that is desired in almost every situation in our lives. A leader has several responsibilities. His wise and sound decision-making abilities affect everyone in the team.

Leaders are everywhere. They are leading the nation, they are leading an organisation, etc. In our daily lives, we often come across bad leaders or inefficient leaders. But there are ways that can help you find a good leader and we are going to talk about such ways

In this article, we will mention some qualities shown in great leaders. Go ahead and take a look at it.


This is one of the most important and common qualities shown in leaders. Integrity is very important for the organisation at a broad level. It becomes a very important quality for those who are working on the top of an organisation and making all the necessary decisions.

If you are looking for a good leader in an organisation or for other purposes, you should make sure he possesses integrity.

Ability to delegate

This is another important quality of a leader, in fact, it is one of the core responsibilities. Several people relate the meaning of this term to freeing themselves but that is not true. It means your ability to help others in leading to good decisions, proper help in growing reports, etc.

The process of delegating will be completely missing if there is no trust in the team.

Self awareness

This is one of the most underrated qualities of a leader. If you are leading a team without knowing yourself, you can miss out on several things. You can be more effective at several leadership roles if you are well-aware of yourself.

Self awareness gives you an insight into how people are viewing you. If you keep on shaping and correcting you based on that knowledge, you are going to be a really good leader.

Learning agility

Learning agility means your ability to make proper decisions in a situation that you have never faced before. This is one of the most admirable qualities shown in leaders. When you are leading a team, you will encounter a wide range of problems. You may know about some of those problems while you will also be unaware about some of them. Most leaders completely mess up when they arrive in an adverse situation. But you should know that such situations have moulded a lot of great leaders around the world.

Such a quality can’t be attained so quickly. You will get better at it after a lot of practice and experience.


Several people think of it as a bad thing but that is not the case. Influencing someone means convincing them through your intelligence, logic and emotions. There is a thin line between influence and manipulations that you should be aware of. When you convince people without authenticity, this is called manipulation.

You should always convince people in a very authentic and transparent way.

When you want to influence people on a large scale, you need to possess emotional intelligence and also trust building.


This is the quality that makes you stand above others. A large number of people are aware of the right decision but they don’t possess the courage. When they lack such an ability they can’t speak of this decision in front of others. And this is also the most important asset for adverse situations.

You can guide your team in the right direction and rather than ignoring problems if you are courageous. It becomes an even more important tool when your team is stuck in unfamiliar situations.

Courage helps your team members to rely on you and it breeds trust-building.


You should always respect everyone (especially your team members). This is a quality that makes the daily life of a leader very easy. Respect is something that can give you several things in return. It helps you gain the trust of your team members, making the team more effective, ease tensions, and avoid conflicts.

Just keep in mind that the task of respecting others is not just talking to them respectfully. Respect is a quality that should be reflected in every action of yours.


Empathy is often related to job performance. Persons having this quality are viewed as better leaders. You will be viewed as a great leader if you have more empathy for the work.

This is a thing that can be learned over time. It not only helps you be more effective but it is also very crucial in improving the work for you and those around you.


This is a quality that keeps you from becoming overconfident. Several successful leaders have ruined their careers due to overconfidence. But gratitude can save you from committing this mistake.

Gratitude helps us a lot in enhancing self-esteem. When you keep on saying thank you in proper situations, people take you as a nice boss. In most situations, a lot of people find it cool to work under a cool boss as compared to a strict one.

Gratitude makes you such a nice and pleasant person that others may find good to work with.


This is one of the biggest qualities of a leader. If you are not honest, people can never accept you as a leader. There should be clarity and transparency in whatever you do. When people find that you are not speaking the truth, it can ruin your reputation. And it becomes really tough to regain your reputation from such situations.

So, you should always try to be an honest person if you are planning to be a good leader.

Final thoughts

We hope this article helped you a lot in teaching about the qualities shown in great leaders. There are several things that you can learn once you land in such a position. Only after proper analysis of your team members, will you find the suitable qualities to work with them.

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