Business Process Outsourcing – A Growing Trend Among Businesses

Business Process Outsourcing - A Growing Trend Among Businesses

Businesses today are under constant pressure to do more with less. Many companies have turned to outsource to save costs and access a global talent pool to stay competitive.

What is outsourcing? Outsourcing is the process of hiring a third-party company or individual to complete a task or project that would otherwise be completed by in-house staff.

Around the world, 64% of businesses have integrated outsourcing into their workforce.

In the United States, this number is even higher, with 77% of businesses outsourcing at least some of their work. In Australia, the number is 73%.

There are good reasons for businesses to outsource developers or staff. It has become a popular option for businesses, particularly during the pandemic.

Here are eight reasons why businesses outsource.

To save on costs

One of the primary reasons businesses choose to outsource is to save on costs. When you outsource, you can tap into a global pool of talent and hire dedicated developers at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house staff. It can significantly save businesses, especially for complex projects requiring skilled and experienced developers.

To access a global talent pool

Outsourcing provides businesses with access to a global pool of talent. Companies can hire dedicated developers from anywhere globally, giving them a more comprehensive range of skills and experience. It is especially beneficial for businesses that require specific skills or expertise that may be difficult to find locally.

To focus on core business activities

Businesses that outsource their development needs can focus more on their core business activities. It is because they are not responsible for the day-to-day management of the outsourced team or project. This allows businesses to focus on more strategic tasks, such as developing new products and services, expanding into new markets, and increasing sales.

To improve efficiency and productivity

Efficiency and productivity are often improved when businesses outsource their development needs. It can free up time for companies to focus on other tasks, such as marketing and sales. Outsourced teams are usually highly skilled and experienced in their field, and they are focused on completing the project within the agreed timeframe.

To free up internal resources

Outsourcing can also free up internal resources. It can be especially beneficial for short-staffed businesses or have a limited budget. Outsourcing companies do not need to allocate staff to the project, which companies can use for other tasks.

To reduce time to market

Reduction of time to market allows companies to be the first to market with their product or service. When businesses outsource their development needs, they can access a team of developers already familiar with the latest technologies and trends. It can help companies to get their products and services to market faster.

To get expert help for specific tasks or projects

Experts help in a project is always a good idea because they bring their years of experience and knowledge to the table. When businesses outsource, they can access a team of experts who can help them with specific tasks or projects. This is especially beneficial for companies that do not have the internal expertise to complete the project.

To improve quality control

Quality control is vital in every business. It ensures that end-users receive a product or service that meets their expectations. When companies outsource their development needs, they can access a team of experienced developers in quality control. It can help businesses guarantee that their products and services meet the highest standards.

Top countries to outsource developers

Here are ten countries where companies are most likely to outsource developers.

  1. The Philippines
  2. China
  3. Pakistan
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Sri Lanka
  6. Nepal
  7. India
  8. Vietnam
  9. Indonesia
  10. Malaysia

The Philippines has proven its competence in software development projects. The country has been dubbed to be one of the BPO capital in the world. The Philippines is known to have a robust English-speaking workforce which is an advantage in communication.

Additionally, the Philippine-based developers are flexible. They can easily adjust to the client’s time zone and work on the project according to the schedule.

The wrap-up

Outsourcing developers is a growing trend among businesses. It has many benefits, such as access to a global talent pool, improved efficiency and productivity, and reduced time to market. The Philippines is one of the top countries to outsource developers because of its competent workforce and flexible work schedules.

As we move forward to a more advanced technology stage, businesses should consider outsourcing developers to keep up with the competition. Over the years, the way we manage our industry changed as technology progresses.

Ultimately, change is good. It opens up opportunities and helps businesses become more efficient.

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